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What is Asbestos Cancer?

By Peter Lenkefi

Asbestos Cancer, also known as Mesothelioma Cancer, is one of the common diseases that are a result of exposure to Asbestos related substances. These Asbestos substances contain Asbestos fibers, which can enter a personís body through the mouth, or through the skin, causing a slow Mesothelioma Cell Cancer to develop.

There are three main types of Asbestos Cancer and one lesser medical condition that can develop as a result of exposure to Asbestos related substances. The lesser medical condition is known as Asbestosis and involves the scaring of the lining of the chest.

The three main types of Asbestos Cancer include Pleural (chest), Peritoneal (abdominal) and Pericardial (heart). In the case of Peritoneal Asbestos Cancer, there is a higher chance of malignancy.

Asbestos Cancer has become more widely evident in the last 5-10 years, as Asbestos Cancer can take between 20 to 40 years for symptoms to arise. Asbestos Cancer is particularly difficult to diagnose, as the symptoms do not tend to become evident until the final stages of the disease.

People who have had a high level of exposure to Asbestos related substances are more likely to develop Malignant Asbestos Cancer, as opposed to those people who have had a low level exposure to Asbestos related substances.

There are three types of Malignant Asbestos Cancer. These include Epithelial Malignant Asbestos Cancer, Sarcomatoid Malignant Asbestos Cancer and Mixed Malignant Asbestos Cancer. Of these three, Epithelial Malignant Asbestos Cancer is the most common.

The main symptoms of Epithelial Malignant Asbestos Cancer include, respiratory difficulties, continuous coughing and pneumonia. Malignant Asbestos Cancer is usually diagnosed through a biopsy.

The non-malignant form of Asbestos Cancer, known as Pleural, is found in the chest area and its main symptoms include, chest pain, respiratory difficulties and coughing. Pleural Asbestos Cancer is usually diagnosed through conducting a Chest CT Scan

Currently, Asbestos Cancer mostly occurs in people between 50 to 70 years of age. So far, it has been men who are mostly developing Asbestos Cancer, as they have mostly been exposed to Asbestos related substances through their work within the building Industry in the 1950ís to 1990ís.

Asbestos was mainly used in Industries such as the Construction Industry, Ship building Industry, Automotive Industry and other manufacturing Industries. However, because of the delayed symptoms of Asbestos Cancer, the use of Asbestos related substances, the use of Asbestos was not banned until the 1990ís.

Also, due to the delayed onset of the symptoms of Asbestos related substances, some of the more prominent cases involving Asbestos Cancer are now only expected to become evident in the next 5-6 years. This is why it is important that if you, or someone you know, was exposed to an Asbestos related substance, you should seek medical advice.

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