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Fun Dates at Low Cost!

By Celina Richards

Yippee! She said yes! The girl youíve been trying to ask out for the past couple of months just agreed to go out with you. However, you have one small problem. Fresh out of college and just starting out on your new job, you donít have much left in your pocket to pay for a fancy dinner. But you really want to impress her and have a good time together. What can you do on a date that would actually cost less but FEEL expensive?

Well, read on, and you will find plenty of cost-saving dating activities which are equally romantic and fun!

1.Go for a Hike

Unless sheís completely not an outdoor person, going for a walk in a natural environment gives the both of you private time to talk. Plus, the beautiful and fresh surroundings will definitely put your hearts at ease. In fact, if you know much about flora and fauna, you can actually impress her with your version of a nature tour guide.

2.Day at the Beach

Beaches have always been fun, warm and perfect for dates. It wonít cost you much, but itís a great place to talk and picnic, relax or sun-bathe. Walks along the beach are hopelessly romantic especially when combined with the soothing effects of the waves and the breeze. Lakes are good substitutes if you donít live near the sea, as the water brings the same calming effect as the sea.

3.Dinner at home

Eating out will cost you, but alternatively setting up a candlelight dinner in the comfort of your own home which will cost you much less. If you are a good cook, you can definitely impress her with your culinary skills in a romantic setting. After that, you can top the evening by setting up the patio for coffee or wine and star gazing.

4.Movie at the drive-in

This is a classic hang-out for our parents. However, this doesnít mean that itís too old-fashioned for us. At a drive-in you get to watch movies with others, while maintaining privacy in your own car. And you can share you snacks and sodas between the both of you, have your conversations and not worry about being too noisy to your neighbor. Best of all, you only need to pay for your tickets for this great date.


Ice-skating is not just for teenagers or little kids, but is a great way to bring couples together. Itís a great opportunity for you to hold hands, fall down and laugh! And if you are an expert, you can teach her one or two of your ice-skating tricks. Sheíll have so much fun sheíll be asking you for the next ice-skating date!

6.Surprise! Surprise!

All girls love surprises. Youíll just have to creative with your surprise ideas and catch her off guard. For example, leave little gifts like key-chains, bookmarks, or even roses accompanied with sweet and short messages. Girls love these small gifts, and although they donít cost much, they will go a long way.

Planning a romantic date does not always necessarily have to cost you a lot of money. Using your creativity to the best effect can actually gain you more points to her heart.

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About the author:
Author Bio
Celina Richards is a counselor and dating coach in private practice since 1995. She offers dating-relationship coaching, singles group coaching and ongoing coaching for singles & unmarried couples. She started writing articles to help singles with the knowledge and tools they need to find and sustain lasting relationships.

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