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"Have You Seen My Independence Day"

By Steve Montes

"Have You Seen My Independence Day ?" 4th of July, 2005

By, Steven Montes

Have you seen my Independence Day? I donít know that I did with it. The last time I had it was in my sock drawer. Maybe someone took it. I donít know. Can you help me find it. I need to build a web site, so that if someone finds it they can return it to me for the reward I am offering.

You may not know of me, nor have I published any of my works, but what I have to say is very important.

I am aware of several Anti-Tobacco movements across the United States and their politics. What I do not understand, is why no one has addressed the high nicotine levels that are still being placed into the tobacco products being sold today.

Since nicotine is the single greatest factor for people being addicted to cigarets, why are tobacco companies still being allowed to place this highly addictive chemical in cigarets. Why, after all of this, is there still not any moment or legislation to ban nicotine from cigarets.

It is well known, that during the early 1900, that a professor at a prominent local University locate in the eastern part of the US, conducted experiments on the devastating affects of nicotine on fish.

This same experiment you can try at home. Place some fish in a medium size fish bowl, fill about half way full of water. Take a puff from a cigaret, then blow the smoke into the bowl, then quickly cover the bowl with a book or a piece of plastic rap. Immediately the fish become disoriented and then begin to die.

It is also well known how that nicotine was once used as an insecticide on tobacco plants during the time of our forefathers, to kill insects that were eating the tobacco plant. Once the tobacco companies found that nicotine was addictive to people they started engineering nicotine with super concentrated levels to be added to their products to addict the consumer.

Although there have been many lawsuits filed across the United States for the harmful affects presented against the tobacco companies in these suits, why has nothing being done in the form of effective legislation or any other form of control that we as a people have at our control.

It also common knowledge that during the mid "1900" that, Coca-Cola company was making their product with the highly addictive drug found in the coca leafs from the very plant that highly addictive drug cocain is made from today, and federal legislation was adopted to discontinue the use of this ingredient from their coke recipe. This is where Coke-Cola gots its name.

Donít just take my word for it, just enter the phrase coca plant in the search engine box, and read for yourself.

Dare to be informed," howís that for truth ! Ask your self, Donít we as a people have the right to not be medicated by consumer products in an attempt to addict us to their products, without our knowledge or our consent ! As I look back, I still wonder what the independence in Independence Day really stands for.

I know now that independence is just an illusion in this country, a reason to party, a chance to shop for sales, and I am sad to say that Independence Day, is just another holiday to take a day off from work, a chance to blow up firecrackers, and the right to, just raise Hell.

What's In Your Independence Day ? Send me an e-mail to So you can claim your reward money, if your tip leads me to the recovery of my Independence Day.

About the author:
Chief bottle washer for Montes Orthopedic.

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