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Press Release Searching for the Toy of the Year by the Pool


Searching for the Toy of the Year by the Pool has a big job during the summer months. Finding and stocking the potential "must have" for the Christmas season. Choosing from thousands of toys takes time out of the pool.

Manchester, NH June 7, 2004 --, based in Manchester, New Hampshire, is taking time this summer to search high and low for the toy that will be on every child's Christmas list this year. Employees are encouraged to sit and play with every toy that is found on the shelves. Parents depend on first hand knowledge when purchasing the perfect educational toy or game. Although no clear winners were found at Toy Fair 2004, there are a few solid entries. Parents are focusing on pretend play, food, and role play for girls. Boys are building, bug collecting, and searching for anything with marbles.

Several new remote controlled race tracks are making strides this year with the ability to change lanes and control movement with ease. Robotics are making a greater presences as prices come down, technology increases, and easy to follow directions.

The 10 year old girl is a big mystery for eLearningToys. Many parents are looking for something other than crafts. Their pre-teen girls get flooded with arts and crafts in pink boxes and bead kits with millions of bags and boxes. Girls want something to DO. Many of the products that are activity based are focused on boys, blue coloring, and marketing with male models. Nevertheless, eLearningToys will find the perfect item to be under every child's Christmas tree.

European toys increasingly popular with parents, but, more expensive. The higher quality and attention to detail is being appreciated by toddlers and preschoolers.

Summer will be hot and full of activity at eLearningToys. The perfect suggestion for each age group, price range, and "big gift" will be fully in place by October.

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