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Benefit From Studying With the Laptop

By Linda Correli

by Linda Correli

The progress of technology is astounding. Mankind attained fantastic, unprecedented peaks during the last century: the invention of the phone, TV-set, radio, if to mention some. Could Newton or Einstein ever imagine that piles of their books and treatises can be stored in one, by the first sight rather small electronic machine called computer? The invention of the computer can be compared at least to the first step on the moon surface, which was a small step for a man, but a Herculean step for the mankind.

Technology is a power that drives the world. As lazy creatures, we have surrounded ourselves with the fruit of progress and enjoy our life effortlessly, taking advantage of convenient, helpful, indispensable and irreplaceable machines, created by our hands.

Nowadays we canít imagine our life without these machines. Letís take computers, for instance. We canít get along without them anyway. Eating, drinking, and communicating via computers, at last living with them. They have become our obsession, perhaps because they armed us with the abundance of new, versatile possibilities or just because weíve got used to them and theyíve become our mechanical toys.

However, computers, especially portable ones, can serve not just as funny toys, but excessively useful tools in our work and study. Studying with the laptop is a dream of every college student. In todayís fast moving world this tool is just indispensable and studying with it can become a real pleasure.

With a laptop one doesnít have to carry piles of books and papers, have the risk of misplacing them, or searching everywhere for something lost. Itís very convenient to have all documents, materials, tutorials, manuals and what not arranged in order, in one place which is always in hand. Laptops eliminate the heavy backpacks straining on oneís back and can easily fit in a backpack. They are lightweight and can be operated on batteries. The main point is to charge them regularly.

Hence, it is your personal belonging; you donít have to share it with anybody any longer, as you shared your big, bulky PC with your classmates. By the way, while working you are sitting at a nice clean desk without any loose papers flying around. And one more advantage is that you donít need any stationery, which always gets lost in the most unsuitable moment.

Laptops give you advantages and privileges in learning and acquiring information. Studying with a laptop is like having the world of information at your fingertips. You become familiar with the equipment, software, data analysis, data base compiling. Your opportunities with a laptop are unlimited, they have nor boundaries.

However, advantages come with the responsibilities. Working with a laptop helps you become more organized and to categorize all information connected with your studying. By using laptops you learn how to use technology and remain up to date with what is happening in the world. Laptops make the process of studying more dynamic and fun. They can be passed among your friends, moved around the classroom, carried with yourself and taken to your field trips.

I didnít intend to promote or to endorse the popularity of the laptops anyhow, but I just took advantage of using them myself and decided to share my experience with you. If it is possible to make our life easier, less laborious and more enjoyable, so letís go for it and change it for better!

About the author:
About author: Linda Correli is a staff writer of www.CustomResearchPapers.usShe helps students write college research papers, term books, admission essays, book report and many other types of writing assignments: from personal statements to professional case studies. For more information and help, please, go to: http://www.customresearchpapers.us

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