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Building A Strength Training Routine For Your Child

By Lynn VanDyke

Copyright 2005

Sally is ready to join the basketball team this year. You encourage her, tell her to practice everyday, and even join in on the team's fundraising efforts. As adults we know the positive health benefits that come with exercise and strength training. These exact same benefits can be applied to children as well.

Building a safe and effective weight training routine for Sally is easier than one may think. The program should include the use of light free weights, an exercise for each muscle group, and a proper warm up and cool down. Let's not forget the ultimate goal of having fun!

Kids love to run and jump all over the place. Encourage that playfulness while working on strength training programs as well. Be sure to focus on proper form and technique and not on physique or bulking up.

Children you have not yet gone through puberty should not even consider adding lean muscle mass to their bodies. Save that goal for a later date. Just let your children have fun and experience strength training in a fun and positive environment.

Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Before you know it, Sally will have better grades, better games, better self-esteem and a healthier life. Remember you may be Sally's biggest role model.

About the author:
Lynn VanDyke is the proud owner of She is a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and a sports nutritionist. Her site is quickly becoming the authority for all things strength training.

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